A Case Study

Perfect Example of "Business Growth Model"

Client : Gold Ornament Manufacturer

We have been working with this company for the past three years. Their topline was 550 millions and 200 millions of banking exposure at the time of our takeover. We have successfully restructured their books over the period of 3 years which now relates retrospectively to their banking exposure demand

Above all a thorough analysis was done of their business cycles, turnovers, Debt turn over ratios by our team of experts and we can proudly say, they have been able to increase their Banking exposure to 900 million.

Undoubtedly their growth was fuelled with timely input of planned funds.

Another example of "Cost Effectiveness"

Client : Gold Ornament Manufacturer

We have been affiliated with the company for the past year. It is one of the top 5 manufacturers of gold ornaments, with a present banking exposure of 1000 millions and an annual turnover of 15000 millions. Again, in this instance, our banking experience and expertise along with proper analytical tools enabled the corporation to reduce the cost of funding on a 1000 million exposure

Their ROI on existing funding was very high touching double figures in percentage. Ofcourse with proper intervention, we were able to bring the cost of interest down to 75% of the existing cost charged to them, a huge substantial savings which was truly appreciated by the management