About Us


Fundwisor Financials LLP is a financial advisory and consultancy firm that offers an array of services to assist its clients in raising funds for their businesses. The firm has been providing these services since 2001. It serves clients from various industries including MSMEs, corporate houses and start-ups. We provide advisory services related to all aspects of raising funds for MSMEs, corporate houses and start-ups such as

  • All Bank related formalities and documentation
  • Preparing Projections & CMA Data
  • Assistance in preparing Financial Data
  • Assessment of Top-line Ratios and Restructuring Books


  • Reviewing products that are unfamiliar to you
  • Choosing and acquiring the finest product for your growth
  • Accepting terms and conditions that will not put your neck in deep water
  • Close the financial gap to create viable chances for long-term expansion.

Fundwisor Financials began its adventure in the Banking Finance Industry in 2017. This industry has enormous growth potential, but a lack of adequate financial assistance hampers it. We have been investigating the several prospects available in the finance industry, which is not reaching the target segment on time. It was critical that our team of professionals, who have over a decade of expertise in the banking and jewellery industries, investigate and discover this potential and pass on the information and value to this industry.

There are so many items that are still to be segmented, so many resources to access, but few beneficiaries. It has been an exceedingly exciting and wonderful experience to fill this gap and receive plaudits and pats for the services provided.

Fundwisor Financials has gradually grown to become a notable leader in financial advising and consultancy services for the luxury Jewellery industry.

Our Vision:-

To provide quantum growth to business by improving financial efficiency and reducing cost.